Why Business Analysts need to care more about social media

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 -
5:30pm to 8:00pm

Why Business Analysts need to care more about social media

(Hint: it involves changing the world...)


Web 2.0 technologies are changing entire industries: journalism, music, publishing and television. Yet, our profession remains woefully “stuck in the 80s” when it comes to these various platforms. Due to our lack of leadership in adopting these technologies, we risk becoming irrelevant. Or worse yet: old. There are many reasons why Business Analysts should be leading the charge in adopting these technologies, chief among them are to facilitate collaboration and to improve communication. However, there is actually a more compelling reason why we should be at the forefront of the “social entreprise” or Entreprise 2.0: no other profession is better poised to lead the way into the third industrial revolution.. That’s right: we can chan Save ge the world. This presentation aims to build a convincing case for why Business Analysts should be more social media savvy and will propose an action plan on how to do just that.


Conférencière: Elizabeth Bucci

Elizabeth BucciElisabeth Bucci has over 26 years of experience managing technically complex projects across many industries, and currently offers her project management consulting services through her company Projissima inc. She copes with working in hierarchical Entreprise 1.0 companies by blogging at www.thepassionateprojectmanager.com and easily dismisses accusations that she spends too much time on the internet by claiming that she is “changing the world”.



Horaire de la soirée

  • 17 h 30 Accueil des participants et réseautage (un petit gouter sera servi)
  • 18 h 00 Mot de bienvenue et nouvelles de la section
  • 18 h 15 Présentation principale
  • 19 h 45 Fin de la soirée


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