IIBA Agile Analysis Certification IIBA-AAC

IIBA Agile Analysis Certification

The eagerly awaited agile certification for business analysts has arrived! 
Effective business analysis with an agile minset to constantly focus on delivering business value.


iiba_certification.pngThe new IIBA-AACTM certification has been developed because of the growing need to support organizations implementing agile. The IIBA® Agile Analysis Certification will expand the BA professionals' knowledge and skills in agile. The new competency-based Certification recognizes a Business Analyst's knowledge and skills to deliver better business outcomes, faster! 

The IIBA-AACTM helps professionals gain recognition for their knowledge and skills aligned to industry best practices. 

The certification has been created with the collaboration of agile practitioners and agile leaders and is based on the Agile Extension to the BABOK® Guide, which was developed in partnership with the Agile Alliance. It is intended for BA Professionals, agile practitioners, or anyone interested in leveraging effective agile business analysis to create better business outcomes that add real business and customer value.

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Are you ready to earn this certification?

The ideal candidate for this exam meets the following criteria:

1. Has developed an agile mindset and can consistently apply it, as needed.
2. Accrued at least 2 years of experience applying agile analysis practices at the Delivery Horizon.
3. Can demonstrate how feedback loops work back and forth from the Delivery Horizon to the Initiative Horizon and the Strategy Horizon.
4. Able to demonstrate foundational proficiency for the Strategy Horizon and Initiative Horizon.
5. Have mastered basic knowledge, understand agile and follow rules – and completed the self-assessment (see ebook).
6. Successfully answered typical analysis-related outcomes and activities questions in the sample quiz.

The assessment is a 2-hour remote online proctored exam that includes 85 multiple choice, scenario-based questions.
The certification exam fee is $250 USD for IIBA member and $375 USD for non-member. 

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